When a fake back drop and staged swing aren’t for you, opt for dynamic sports photography!

The true authentic self comes out when someone is most relaxed. And when are athletes most relaxed? On the ball field, in the hockey rink, or on the dance floor! Let’s capture those expressions with memories of camaraderie, competition, and shared victories.

Dynamic, Interactive photos that show the real story of passion behind a sport

boston sports photographer

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"If you’re a sports mom or dad, you probably are like our family and have 3000 pictures of your kids playing all scattered in your phone somewhere. A shortage of pictures was NOT the reason we hired Sara. We wanted to capture this era with professional, imaginative, emotion-evoking images that encompass the love, passion, joy and pride that our kid playing a sport brings to our life. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Thank you, Sara!"

- Stephanie H.

  • Sports are in motion, not standing still holding a ball in an awkward position.

  • Sports happen in a field, on a court, in a rink….not in front of a green screen!

  • Sports are a symbol of so much more; teamwork, leadership, nostalgia, core memories, passion. Don’t let those memories go without being captured.

Reasons to book dynamic sports pictures:


Packages are depending on the number of athletes participating. Please contact Sara for more information.