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This moment in time is fleeting and you want to capture your family how they are in this moment. The only family images you have are on your IPhone — and you're in none of them.


Boston Portrait Photographer

You're disappointed that you don't have family photos that you can remember & cherish as memories.

You're always finding an excuse for putting off family photos — whether you're afraid the kids won't sit and behave or your spouse doesn't want to do it.

You're afraid that this whole photography experience will cause you more stress because you won't have a photographer that is engaged with you throughout the entire process.

& snuggles too

You deserve to have your moments captured, in a beautiful way. Moms especially deserve to be in the frame and captured in their most cherished role in life.

You cannot get any day in time back, so capturing all the moments you can is so important.

you want Light-filled photos that authentically capture your family

Time doesn’t stop for the camera.

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Your family can be their authentic selves without fear of judgment. 

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I have all the same worries and concerns that you do, which lets me understand you. It allows me to be with you every step of the way, reassuring you, providing guidance and a shoulder to lean on.

I am you— I feel the stress of having family photos taken. 



I communicate as much as you are comfortable with, I'll provide you with styling options and a makeup consultant, if you prefer.

before your session...

Your session is child focused and I always introduce myself to the kiddos, get to know them and let them know we are there to have FUN!

during your session...

I will deliver high quality images that are available for download and printing. And of course, provide any printing you may want!

after your session...

What to expect

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Not only will you receive well lit, Gorgeous images, but you will also have memories that last a lifetime

 I will capture your family in an authentic, professional way that will allow you to be you,  let your personalities to shine.

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