I am so happy you found me. I am a Boston based, natural light photographer. I dabble in a little of everything, my hands are always messy, and my heart is always full.

I am the lucky mama of two adopted boys who were born to be part of our family. I am the wife of a loyal, hard-working man. I love a good cup of coffee, a piping hot bowl of macaroni and cheese and a night out with my girlfriends.  

As your photographer, I believe in all things natural. I like to talk with you, make you laugh, get to know you, and just capture the connection between you and the ones you love. Whether it be a family cuddle, siblings’ giggling together, a mother-to-be's glow, or a sweet newborn at home… it's your moment to capture. 

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This is what makes photography meaningful for me and why I enjoy walking out the door for every single session.

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Meet Sara

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Let me help put aside your fears & worries so you can have the beautiful moments you see captured here up on your own walls, in your own photo books and displayed for your family to look back on for years and year to come. 

Let me help ease the biggest fears I hear from mamas…

"But what will we wear?"

Styling is always a concern — what will we wear? these decisions are hard daily never mind in images that we are going to hang up in our houses! Don’t worry, I GOT YOU! I can help with styling as much or as little as you want! Some families I style from head to toe. I love scouring for the perfect outfits to match your family vibe. But here let me offer one tip. Neutrals: make sure you include them in your outfits when planning for family photos. I love color and want your family in some colors, but too much color brings the attention away from YOU! You want to have lots of neutrals to go along with the bolder colors.

"There aren't good locations near my house"

Mamas, this is simply NOT the case. I look at a field and see the light, see the beauty. I have a vast list of location ideas that I share with my clients who book. There are beautiful spots all over the place and we can find the one that is right for you, I promise. I am forever location scouting and updating spots. Can’t wait to share some new ones in 2024.

"But we don't look like the photos you're posting on instagram"

The truth is, every family you see posted on IG has thought or said the same thing. Trust me. These are not models. They are the families I met at the baseball field, in the grocery store, through Instagram and mainly through other client referrals. 

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